Residential Service

Self-Service Laundry
Play the slots on the newest state of the art machines in the business. Period. Multi-level pricing allows you to customize your wash vis-a-vis water temps, extra rinses, etc. It’s so easy a Neanderthal can do it. Most of our machines also accept major credit and debit cards. Spin cycles are rated at 140 G’s of force, ensuring quick drying times. We provide 20, 30 & ginormous 60 lb washers – big enough for several sleeping bags for instance.

Whether you use self-service or our wash and fold service, be assured that when we say “hot water”, we actually provide hot water. In fact our water temperatures exceed that required to kill pathogens such as staph, other microbes and dust mites.

Wash and Fold
For drop-off wash and fold service, all items will be grouped by category and color and be folded uniformly. Woven shirts and trousers (except jeans) will be placed on hangers and bagged. Socks will be paired and half-folded, and by the way, how many of you have experienced the joy of folded underwear?

Customize your wash by designating detergents, softeners and bleaches; we also provide additive-free detergents. We will spot-treat when requested at no extra charge. All blankets and comforters will be treated according to manufacturers recommendations. Each blanket and comforter will be returned in a zippered, breathable vinyl bag… like the day you bought it.